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Dear Lombok Visitor

Are you thinking about hiring a skilled and professional local driver to show you around the island ? Someone who picks you up at the airport after a long and exhausting flight and quickly brings you to your hotel or villa ? - You have come to the right place; there is no more need to queue up for a taxi or hassle prices - within a few minutes after your arrival in lombok, you will be relaxed and comfortable while we bring you to your destination.


Lombok Driver is a company with over 20 years experience in the local tourism industry of Lombok. We guarantee the best conditions to visit all the popular places, and can also bring you to the most beautiful remote and hidden treasures of Lombok.

We have e
xciting and adventurous programs for the young at heart, bringing you surfing, offroad-biking, hiking and to the best parties and fun places in Lombok, but we also offer more relaxed programs for those who prefer sightseeing and cultural activities, or relaxing on the most beatiful peaceful beaches.



The owner Mr. Lee is a local resident from Sandik, a small village in the west part of Lombok, which is known for its rich farming areas. He 
has been driving guests around Lombok since 1994. He's a very experienced guide, a friendly and outgoing person, proud and passionate about sharing with you the experience of the best places on the island.

He will explain you everything you need to know and everything you want to know about our little paradise island. With your personal comfort and safety as our primary concern, we guarantee that you can safely relax in a modern car while enjoying the beautiful scenery.



Most of our former customers have become our personal friends. They are always welcome here with us and keep in touch by e-mail and on facebook. They often recommend my service to their friends, and when they return to Lombok we rejoice and spend time together driving around and exploring new areas of beauty. If you hire Lombok Driver as your guide we guarantee that our first priority is to make you totally happy.  

Please have a look at the other pages on our website. If you are ready to book proceed to the contact form.

All the best,



 For booking & information please contact/call (Mr. Lee) : 

                                                                             mobile:       + 62(0) 818 53 80 50
                                                                             email:         lombokdriver@yahoo.co.id




 jln. raya senggigi km 8, senggigi art market arcade KT2 senggigi lombok Indonesia- 83355

Mobile: +62 (0) 818 53 80 50 Email: lombokdriver@yahoo.co.id