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Basket & Local Craft Tour (full day)

 happy children in the village                 sawah padi terace              pottery style

Tete Batu, one of the mountain resort situated just below Mount Rinjani which is an ideal place to stop for refreshment. The next will be Kota Raja (Loyok), the rural area situated on the eastern part of Lombok, where inhabitants make handicrafts plaited bamboo for daily use. baskets, wallets and bags are available here.

pottery maker                              local market                                                     some intresting point in your trip

Another village nearby called Beleke, a small village, situated in central Lombok where the people make rattan handicrafts and wood carving. Tanjung Luar, the biggest fishing village

on the island, situated in the south eastern part of Lombok. You can see the inhabitants of the village going out their everyday business catching fishfrom traditional boats and sorting them out for the market. Narmada Summer Palace,

 narmada summer palace                                                                  old lombok women

the palace was built around1805by one of Balinesse king for his every dry season rest place. Here, he placed as well
the miniature of Rinjani mountain

and Segara Anak lake for his ritual belief

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