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Kuta & traditional Sasak Tour  (full day)


Your first stop will be at Banyumulek Village, one of many pottery village where clay pots for daily

use, unique in style and high in quality is by hand made. Then on to Sukerare Village, where you see a

tradition of weaving in well cared. 

they weave gold and silver thread to be traditional Songket and Ikat cloth with very simple looms.

traditional handwoven              traditional pottery                            traditional village

Rambitan/Sade, a traditional sasak village located on the hill, 8 km from Kuta beach of lombok.Thisvillage shows you the
unique way of life of the "Sasaks" the native inhabitants of Lombok. Kuta

Beach / Tanjung Aan, both are situated on southern coast of Lombok, just 5 kilometers apart.

                                                              kuta and tanjung aan whitw sandy beach

these white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water are perfect for swimming and sun bathing.

Lunch at local restaurant is included in the program.

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