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 Sasak Tribe Tour (full day)

some amazing views in these tour


This tour gives you more descriptions of The Native Sasak along with their daily life, culture,

and tradition which had been handed down from one generation to another generation in

olden days. Your first visit will be heading to Ampenan is used to be an old port during


 narmada kingly garden                                                                        traditional villages

Dutch Colonial Occupation where the style of old architecture is still easily seen around

the town, especially if you just go towards the beach to the west


Banyumulek pottery village becomes a clear evidence of sasak tradition where the pottery making traditionally still exists currently and it has been recognized by international world for the enormous elaborately decorated pots. Also visiting the weaving village of Sukarara, which still employs the

skills handed down for a hundred years ago. Visitors are offered the opportunity of trying the

hand at weaving gedogan using simple looms.

 traditional pottery                                              palm sugar kitchen                        traditional handwooven

While culture touch and atmosphere are visible by coming by to Rambitan and Sade are the two traditional sasak villages sitting between the roadside and the rice fields. Offering you to see a

glimpse of life especially traditional thatched architectural design of dwellings and the soaring

roofs. Actually this tour is not well completed yet if you donít pay a visit to Kuta Beach famous for its impressive white sandy beach for swimming, sun bathing and great surfing, also a good base for exploring the alluring the southern coastline


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